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Donald Trump to reverse Barack Obama’s Cuba policies after breakthrough
of decades-old stalemate
The administration has been reviewing the US-Cuba relationship since
taking office
Mythili Sampathkumar New York @MythiliSk

Barack Obama and Cuban President visit during an exposition
game between the Cuban national team and the Major League Baseball team
Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Havana, Cuba March 2016 Chip Somodevilla/Getty
Donald Trump is likely to reverse the Obama administration’s policy on
better relations with Cuba – the latest overturning of his predecessor’s
work, according to The Daily Caller.

After a late 2014 breakthrough with President Raul Castro, Barack Obama
was able to reestablish diplomatic relations with the communist
Caribbean island nation the next year after nearly 60 years of hostility.

restrictions were lifted and opportunities to do business also
opened up – much of it done through executive orders signed by Mr Obama
that avoided the need Congressional approval. However, Congress voted
not to lift the US economic .

However, on the campaign trail Mr Trump. touted as the pro-business
candidate – said he would “terminate” any deals Mr Obama made with Cuba,
a fact that may not sit well with the and hospitality industries.

In what has become a commonplace occurrence, Mr Trump took the opposite
position as well. In 2015 he told the Daily Caller that the “concept of
opening with Cuba is fine.”

Reuters reports that the Trump administration will probably bring back
some restrictions on trade and travel, but will “stop short of breaking
diplomatic relations.”

Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida and
Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey were the members of Congress who
pushed for the reversal.

American Airlines opens office in Cuba despite Trump uncertainty
Cuba sets up free for Havana residents in pilot scheme
This was despite 54 of their Congressional colleagues introducing
legislation last week that supported easing remaining restrictions on
Cuba travel.

Pope Francis actually precipitated better US-Cuba relations for Mr Obama
and the report of reversing the policy comes on the heels of Mr Trump’s
Vatican visit.

The White House had put the Cuba policy under review as soon as it took
office in January and is set to announce its position sometime in June 2017.

Source: Donald Trump to reverse Barack Obama’s Cuba policies after
breakthrough of decades-old stalemate | The Independent –

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