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March 2019
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help


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Food scarcity, another Castroist crime ROBERTO ÁLVAREZ QUIÑONES | Los Ángeles | 10 de Julio de 2017 – 10:40 CEST.

If you were told that in a Latin American country almost 60% of the fertile land available for agriculture is… Continue reading

The Dark Side Of Tourism in Cuba

14ymedio, Zunilda Mata, Viñales, 27 June 2018 — At the entrance to Calle Obispo a guide explains to her customers the restoration works in the historical center of Havana. A few yards away,… Continue reading

Where is Socialism in Cuba? / Iván García

Ivan Garcia, 20 May 2107 — A downpour in May hits the corrugated metal roof hard. Water filters in through several holes into the house of Mireya, a blind, half-deaf seventy-one-year-old woman.… Continue reading

SO CLOSE AND YET SO FAR: THE JEWS OF CUBA BYDANIELLE ZIRI APRIL 16, 2017 07:20 Cuban Jews face challenges with hope.

HAVANA, CUBA – On a quiet, tree-lined street of Havana’s Vedado, a residential neighborhood just steps away from… Continue reading

Post-Fidel-Castro Cuba isn’t that different from before Deepa Fernandes, PRI’s The World

For years, opponents of Cuba’s socialist revolution pegged the system’s downfall to the inevitable death of its leader, Fidel Castro. Yet, months after Castro’s death, there have been… Continue reading

Cuba: To Live As Third Class Citizens / Iván García

Iván García, 17 March 2017 — On a wooden shelf are displayed two bottles of liquid detergent, a dozen packs of Populares cigarettes, a packet of coffee, and, on a… Continue reading

WFP Cuba Country Brief, January 2017 REPORT from World Food Programme Published on 31 Jan 2017

WFP is providing food and logistical assistance to the populations affected by Hurricane Matthew in eastern Cuba.

WFP supports the strengthening of drought-related early… Continue reading

Measuring Hopelessness / Yoani Sanchez

Yoani Sanchez, El Pais, 12 February 2017 — Statistics are deceiving. They only reflect measurable values, tangible realities. International agencies cram us with numbers that measure development, life expectancy or educational attainment, but seldom succeed… Continue reading

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Zapata lives
Zapata lives
No place to live
No place to live