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June 2017
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Waiting for help
Waiting for help


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Cuba’s Proxy War in Venezuela Mary Anastasia O’Grady in The Wall Street Journal

The commitment to Maduro among soldiers and police is breaking down

Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro is responding to mass demonstrations by selectively killing civilians. If, as a… Continue reading

Cuba: When “Winning” is Losing By Fernando Ravsberg

HAVANA TIMES — The violent reaction to the dissident who ran through Revolution Square carrying a US flag on May Day has been the last of a series of failed responses.

The… Continue reading

Cuba Frozen in Time Paul R. Pillar April 16, 2017

A week-long visit to Cuba reveals a tropical country of 11 million people that is stuck in a kind of time capsule. The anachronistic aspects of the country are symbolized… Continue reading

Ten Years, A Blog

14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 10 April 2017 — Dawn, the sound of the keyboard marks the beginning of the day. I start a blog that will make me experience the most gratifying and terrible moments… Continue reading

Cuba and Its Rotting Tomatoes March 23, 2017 By Fernando Ravsberg

HAVANA TIMES — Dozens of tons of tomatoes are rotting in Guantanamo because nobody is collecting them, according to what journalist Lilibeth Alfonso tells us on her personal blog.… Continue reading

Serious Threat against Journalist in Cuba February 20, 2017

HAVANA TIMES – Today the journalist Fernando Ravsberg warns of the public threats he has received from people linked to the most extremist side of Cuban officialdom.

Ravsberg, who currently works… Continue reading

Trump, Rodiles and the Cuban Opposition / Juan Orlando Perez

Juan Orlando Pérez, 1 February 2017, (re-published in Ivan Garcia’s blog on 7 February 2017) — Antonio Rodiles, one of the Cuban government’s most tireless enemies, or at least one… Continue reading

Cuba: It Might Seem Stupid but… February 9, 2017 By Fernando Ravsberg

HAVANA TIMES — The Cuban economy would be on the increase if half of the Revolution’s guardian angels – those who dedicate themselves to monitoring what is written… Continue reading

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Zapata lives
Zapata lives
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No place to live